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Z - The Complete Collection (Physical Albums)

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Originally Released: 12th August 2019

This is the complete Z collection, all four Z albums in the series now available at an unparalleled price. Z is a series of concept albums from the mind of Benn Down. Z.1 is a re-imagining of a previous work that was released in the summer of 2012. This album lays the foundation for a storyline that extends through a further three records as well as a literature series. 

Benn started writing Z.2 in 2012 and spent the following years refining the story and the style of the album, we are very excited to be able to offer it for the first time. This album delves into the emotional strains and moral ambiguity that features heavily in both the album and the book.

Z.3 is the third instalment of Z; a series of albums written by Benn Down that follow the story of his novel; 'Z'. (Available fall 2018) We are exposed to the final chapters of the book in Z.3 as this story reaches a conclusion. In the story we find our protagonist trusting in someone who never anticipated his placement and his own potential for betrayal. We experience rapid hope loss and find the answers to the only remaining question. Although we say goodbye to one character, we are also introduced to a new character... and a new series.

Z.4 is the fourth and final album in the series. Z.4 allows the listener access to the origins of The Cannon story and completes the series with the death of Jennifer. We also introduce the listener to the concept of coded songs and coded messages which change the meaning of every previous song in the series.

Z.1 and Z.2 were recorded at Hurt Studios in Littlehampton, UK. Further instruments were recorded by other humans in warmer parts of the world. Z.3 and Z.4 were recorded at Hurt Studios. Z.1, Z.2, Z.3 and Z.4 were mixed by Tim Morris and mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, London. Album art and puzzles devised by Benn Down.

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