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Attrition (Music Inspired by Titanfall) (Single)

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Release Date: 14th March 2014

The single from Benn titled “Attrition" is available exclusively on Hurt Records!

On March 11th, Titanfall was released to the world, and with it a new hope and refreshing outlook on the future of gaming. Finding an interesting connection between the relationship of a Pilot and his Titan, Benn decided to construct an epic story that would intrigue the listeners who are currently playing the brand new game, but more importantly those who may not have been interested previously.

“Attrition” is an epic in every sense of the word. It lasts over 5 minutes in length and portrays a sequence of events through the eyes of a Pilot searching for something more to his existence, all in trademark NN fashion. The production quality is improved over previous releases, but still maintains that rough edge that fans know and love. 

The artwork for 'Attrition' was created for Two Down by Paul Hillstrand @

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