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Benn Down (born Jan 27, 1982) is a British singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and composer. He is the founder, lead vocalist and principle songwriter in various bands including; Benn, Portraits, Two Down, Pressure Fashions Diamonds and Diplomat. His first release was the album ‘Origins?’ under the band Two Down, which he founded in 2007 with long time-collaborator Callum Richardson. He has since released a vast number of albums, EPs and singles. Benn Down was an independent recording artist until signing with Hurt Records in 2014. In previous years Down was involved with iTunes, Sony, Universal Music Group, Vevo and Tunecore and came to the conclusion that not only did these companies tie up their artists in uncompromising contracts, but their percentage share of the artist’s revenue was appalling. Benn decided to step down from these companies and invest his time in creating a ‘contract-less’ Record Label that focused purely on the integrity of the sound recordings and bringing the artist’s visions to life.

At the beginning of 2017 Down embarked on a ten-year-long ambition to release his anticipated ‘Z’ story in audio form. The story being widely received as cryptic, intriguing and dark. Down is recognised for making his listeners work to understand the form that the story takes. Down maintains that the Z series of albums isn’t made for everyone, instead limiting its comprehendible exposure to a few thousand listeners.

Down is the owner of Hurt Records, a UK based independent record label. Hurt Records’ primary focus is to create extremely high quality music for it’s listenership. Hurt Records is unique in the fact that all of the releases on the label pass through a single studio complex; ‘Hurt Studios’. Down maintains that “the purpose of the ‘single studio’ mindset is that complete control over the entire process of an album’s creation is attained and artistic integrity is maintained at a high standard.”

Down’s music is currently licensed through both Hurt Records, UK and Create Music Group, US. 

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