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Group 916

Group 916 is a project dedicated to Benn's fan-made gaming music. The group was formed in 2013 and currently comprises four musicians: Benn Down (Guitar, Piano and Vocals), Matt O'Sullivan (Guitar), Steve Muncaster (Drums)

In May 2013, Group 916 released their highly anticipated first single, "Take Me Down," from their album "ZOMBIIIES." The single was made available on iTunes and other marketplaces. Upon release, the group received over 10,000 "likes" on their official Facebook page, which continues to grow daily. Although Benn had already established a trademark sound with his previous works, there were initial reservations about introducing a new guitarist. However, after the release of "Zombies III," it was clear that the line-up needed to change to translate to a live show setting.

Group 916’s debut album, "Zombies III," was released worldwide on July 31, 2013, and received incredibly positive reviews. The album marked the group's first-ever 5-star rating. It consists of 17 tracks and runs for a little over an hour, taking the listener on an aural journey through the dark and mysterious world of WWII-Era Germany to the futuristic land of China. A unique feature of the album is the inclusion of TOP SECRET tapes in between the main tracks, featuring an unknown person spinning tales of his involvement with blacklisted government projects of the supernatural and even occult. Additional parts by Joey Stax and Callum Richardson.

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