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Hurt Records is an independent record label from the UK founded by Benn Down in 2014. The label's main focus is producing high-quality music for music lovers. Hurt Records distinguishes itself from other labels by having all its releases go through a single studio complex called "Hurt Studios." This approach ensures complete control over the entire creation process of an album, resulting in high artistic integrity standards.

Benn Down, the owner, was inspired to create Hurt Records after working on a charity project. He hoped that other independent labels would follow his philosophy of putting artistic integrity first. Benn had previously worked with companies like iTunes, Sony, Universal Music Group, Vevo, and Tunecore. However, he concluded that these companies' contracts were too restrictive for artists, and their revenue share was unacceptable. Benn stepped down from these companies and invested his time in creating a contractless record label focused solely on music quality and bringing the artist's vision to life.

Hurt Records only releases media on and doesn't rely on larger conglomerates for sales. This allows Hurt Records to release their content in various formats, from standard AAC and MP3 to Audiophile 192kHz WAV and Apple Lossless files. The label's video content is recorded in RAW 4K and is available in 4K, 2K, and 1080p. Hurt Records is also proud to offer physical versions of some releases, usually presented as DigiPacks and shipped worldwide.

Hurt Records is leading the way for independent record labels, and we're thrilled to have you join us on this journey. Thank you for your support.


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