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Hopeful to A Fault


I'm writing an article on here as I have done my upmost to stay as quiet as I can in the last year. I do worry though that you will receive my vast silences with the interpretation that the wheels of Hurt aren't always turning. This couldn't be further from the truth. My year has been entirely dedicated to Hurt Records and breathing life into projects new and old in the hope that soon they will reach your ears and you will devour them. 

This has been a truly harrowing year for all of us. I feel so lucky that I was able to keep on carrying on through the entirety of the year. I realise that others weren't so lucky. I also realise that others have themselves been seriously ill and I am sad to report that we have lost four members of our community to Covid. Some of you have lost relatives to this egomaniacal pandemic and I can only reach out and offer you my deepest condolences. It is unfair. This whole thing is unfair. It is a test that in large part as a species, we have failed. From what I gather (from a multitude of peer-review papers) - this is the first test of many in the coming decades. 

Many of your have spent this time utterly honing your skills in certain areas and this is absolutely incredible to see. So many humans took the multitudes of lockdowns as a chance to relax and spend time wasting life. This is so unfortunate as these afflicted people will never receive another gift of time and a chance to focus and improve. Their chance is gone. Thank you to all of you who have reached out to me during your tenures in lockdown to show me what you are truly capable of.

Over the past fourteen weeks Studio B at Hurt has been built and we are in the process now of moving to complete the internal components after the new year. This new room grants us many things that we didn't have before - firstly a huge live room which is an exact replica of my favourite church (that I recorded in for many sections from the Quiet One record) We will now be able to record full band performances and we look forward to bringing you live content from the new studio in the new year. We are also adding kitchen, dining and living rooms to the studio and a side of the building dedicated to accommodation so we can house lengthy projects in-house. 

The other upshot of Studio B is that fact that it will be linked to Studio A (tour coming soon) via Dante so that either studio can be controlled from the other. This will not only mean that we can record from either studio but also that we can record from both studios at the same time. A standard ideal would be:

Studio B -
Drums in Live Room B
Bass in Cabinet Room B
Percussion in Vocal Booth B

Studio A - 
Vocals in Vocal Booth A
Guitar in Cabinet Room A
Strings in Live Room A


Both studios are designed to my specification and have been co-designed by two of the world's best studio design companies. The next project you will hear (first single coming this week) was recorded entirely in Studio A. Next year you will year the first project(s) to come from Studio B. Of course the fact that there are new studios means that there is now room to bring in more assistants to ensure that projects stay well-oiled and focussed. - More information soon.

In terms of the next project I have this to say: It's the most I've ever allowed myself to become a control freak with any particular project. I was involved with every part of the process and for the first time in a long time I mixed the record myself. The record has already gathered traction from everyone who has heard the first single. This is also the first time we have received record deals before the album has even launched. I'm really proud of the record and especially proud of the named artist. 

I really do hope that this disgusting year will end soon and I am glad to see the common sense has reigned true over so many important issues at the end of this year. As a species we strayed too far from the path of what is right and we can now only repent and mourn those that we have lost to both life and anti-intellectualism.

Be good?



Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Posted by lpcoqgfhsf on March 24, 2021

Thanks for the update.

Posted by Abel on December 15, 2020

Can’t wait for the year ahead. Its really cool to see how Hurt has still moved forward considering everything we have seen this year. Looking forward to whats next.
Corpses Finally Find A Home

Posted by Cody G on December 15, 2020

Not long left now, it is time to draw this year to a close with the first glimpse of something truly incredible. Here’s to 2021. Best of luck.

Posted by "Derek" on December 15, 2020

This is all so exciting! Looking forward to the tour and and always I cannot wait for more music to release. Cheers!

Posted by Ryan Shaw on December 15, 2020

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