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Axis Mundi (Package)

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Release Date: 1st April 2016

'Axis Mundi' is the first single from the upcoming Portraits album.

Axis Mundi takes the role of a young Native American embarking on a vision quest. The song strives to paint a vivid picture of the natural and supernatural phenomena that match the worldview of various tribes who used the four series of numbers. The 'package' version of Axis Mundi includes the single mix, an alternative mix by grammy award winning Andrew Scheps, an acapella mix and an audio diary from Ben and John regarding the songwriting process.

Portraits is Ben Slack (guitar/vocals) and John Williams (drums/percussion) both of whom share a passion for technically progressive instrumentation. The download package contains a .WAV, .M4A or MP3 audio file, a lyrics sheet and the artwork for the 'portrait'.

The song was recorded at Hurt Studios and Chapel Studios. It was mixed by Tim Morris and was mastered by Chris Graham to DES -2db standards. We thank you for your support with this new project and thank you for using Hurt Records for your high quality music purchases.

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