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BeatsbyBenn - 'Dark Hop'

Hurt Records
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"Dark Hop feels like a grimy, dark and foreboding series of drum beats to be used to drag your production down into the darkness." - Benn Down.

BeatsbyBenn is a collection of drum beats created by Benn Down for your personal use when creating music. Dark Hop is a collection of five dirty hip-hop beats recorded by Steve Muncaster at Hurt Studios, UK. Dark Hop was recorded at 90bpm utilising vintage microphones, beautiful Neve pre-amps and was recorded directly to tape.

The drums were dampened and treated with various pitch-altering and decay-altering methods to create something truly unique. No hit is the same twice; the beats are amazingly organic and fluid.

Package contains:

BeatsbyBenn - Dark Hop (Pro Tools Session Folder) 96kHz 32Bit Floating Point

BeatsbyBenn - Dark Hop (Logic Folder) 96kHz 24Bit

All Dark Hop beats use an additional bar before and after each beat to allow realising copying and pasting - feel free to chop and change the beat to fit your original music! 

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