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Originally Released: 9th November 2013

'Extinction', the latest album from the multi instrumentalist and indie music producer, Benn Down, creator of the infamous 'Zombies' series of albums.  Extinction (the album) is inspired by the game mode of the same name, in Call of Duty: Ghosts. A game mode revolving around a team of soldiers, sent to various locations to gather intelligence about the outbreak of an alien 'like' life form that has invaded earth. The album was released before any significant story was unveiled, and because of this, has gained a cult following, as new information of the game mode seems to match near perfectly to the album storyline. 

The album is primarily synth generated, overplayed with a heavy industrial sound. Some tracks are softer, including a piano and vocal track at the end of the album. There are 15 total tracks on the album, ranging in sound. However the majority of the album maintains a sound of desperation, as well as an elaborate backstory hidden in the lyrics. Ranging in perspectives of the enemy, the humans, the media, and even those who have given up hope.

On the album, there are five narrative tracks. Each referred to as 'blood pressures' (102/65, 144/71 etc). In these narratives, a conversation between human and ancestor take place. Revealing information about an ancient history with surprising twists. Story telling is a unique trait of albums from Benn, and remains a driving force for this album. It would appear as though the developers of the game are even taking notes. 

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