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Lonely Soldier (Live)

Quiet One
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Release Date: 25th April 2014

On the 21st of April 2014, Quiet One played their final rehearsal set before the filming of the album play-through. (to be released later) All songs on the album were rehearsed as well as a few cover songs and older material. From the rehearsals we are pleased to release some choice songs that reflect the true feeling of 'Quiet One'.

The first is a song called 'Lonely Soldier', a song from the vast songbook of Leonard Cohen, that has been covered by hundreds of artists since it's inception. The song (as well as the rest of the live album) was recorded entirely in the analogue domain and was recorded straight to a Studer A37 Tape. 'Lonely Soldier' was mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London @ -4db DES.


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