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We All Let Go (EP) Digital Edition

Two Down
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At the end of 2017 Two Down decided to change the pace and opted to turn off the distortion pedals for the 'We All Let Go' EP. With the help of various members of the Hurt Records community the EP received enough support via Kickstarter to start the writing and recording process. 

The process was not smooth however; on the 15th of February the first song 'Let Go' was written and in one evening the band managed to carve out the majority of the song. This was to be the first and last song to be written for a long time. The day after the band hit the studio; Benn fell desperately unwell. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and no songs had been written. Months later the band entered the studio with a very different mindset and started work on the EP. 

The result is an EP that is far deeper than Two Down have been before, exploring stigmas regarding relationships, love, loss and life. The first vocals that were recorded for Let Go were never re-recorded and remain bare as in Benn's mind he hears himself in a different light now. The band would like to thank everyone who participated in the Kickstarter and to everyone else who have supported them for all these years.

The 'We All Let Go' EP was written, recorded and mixed at Hurt Studios in Brighton. Mixed by Tim Morris and Mastered by Jerome Schmitt @ Airlab.

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