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Z.1 (Digital Album)

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Originally Released: 21st August 2017

"It is strapped down now. I never knew that they spent so much time dormant. Now is my chance to truly attempt to connect with it's mind. For too long we have experienced control left in dirty hands. I move my mouth towards it's ear..." - II

This is Z.1, the first of a four-album concept series from Benn Down. Z.1 is a re-imagining of a previous work that was released in the summer of 2012. This album lays the foundation for a storyline that extends through a further three records as well as a literature series (c.18).

Z.1 was recorded at Hurt Studios in Littlehampton, UK in the dark and the freezing cold. Further instruments were recorded by other humans in warmer parts of the world. Additional vocals were also recorded. Z.1 was mixed by Tim Morris and mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, London. Art design by Benn Down.

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