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Zombies I (Music Inspired by Call of Duty: Zombies)

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Originally Released: 24th July 2012

In 2011, Benn started work on a series of songs inspired by his favourite gaming franchise; Call of Duty: Zombies. He started writing from the hallowed perspective of the games characters, focusing on the lack of hope in a bleak and powerless world. In December of 2011, Benn decided to make the songs into an album, an album that introduced a need breed of storyline. 

Zombies I released near the end of the last cycle of DLC content for Black Ops 1 however, It was never designed to re-purpose the storyline of Black Ops 1, instead it would look to the future and analyse what lied ahead... Black Ops II. At the time, very little was known to the wider community about the beginnings of the next game, but that was no issue here.

Zombies I is not for the faint of heart, it utilizes dark themes that play on the ideas of death, rebirth and revenge. All music was written, recorded and mixed by Benn @ his studio in Brighton. Additional artists and contributions from; Kroman [Ascend (feat.The Crow)], Syndicate [Ascend (feat.The Crow)], MrDalekJD [IllI (The Middle), Radaustins27 [IllI (Apology)]  Zombies 1 was mastered in Ontario, Canada at -4db DES.

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