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Two Down // The Two Lost Boys

We have some extremely exciting news for you guys! The boys from Two Down have been working on a (until now) secret project for the last year or so and we are finally able to announce that Two Down will be releasing a concept album titled 'The Two Lost Boys'. For some avid followers of the group, the news may be clouded in confusion and this post was designed to set the record straight. I was able to sit down with the boys a few days ago as we are starting to think about touring and they explained the album and it's directive. The following should help you understand the album;

  1. 'The Two Lost Boys' is a concept album. The album tells the story (lyrically) of two young boys who were snatched from their lives and abandoned into a dark wilderness. The boys would learn to fend for themselves and would come to realise that the forest in which they are trapped, isn't what it seems.
  2. The album doesn't feature any songs from the original 'The Two Lost Boys' which was a working title for an album that did not follow the recent conceptual directive.
  3. The album will be available exclusively from Hurt Records and was recorded in 96kHz quality at the Two Down studio in Brighton.

We hope that this helps clarify the album and the bands direction. Be sure to check out the video below and stay tuned for some incredible music!

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