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Quiet One - Signed Copies...

Hello everyone,
I'd just like to spend a few minutes explaining the process that you will need to undertake in order to land a 'signed copy' of the Quiet One album. An issue appeared to me today as I received the very first copy (mentally excited, almost fainted) because it came shrink wrapped in a plastic wrapping. Now I knew that the albums would be wrapped in plastic, however I originally thought they would be in a sort of plastic sleeve... they aren't... In order to 'get into' the album you need to cut through the plastic wrapping... This leads me to my point. I am willing to offer the first 20 people who complete the following (really simple) instructions a signed copy! :D

Signed Copy:
In order to actually sign the album I will need to cut through the shrink wrapping and probably discard it. I will then sign the album sleeve itself. In order to do this I will need a few details from those who want a signed copy. I will need you to email with the following information:

Subject: Signed Copy of Quiet One
  • Email address (The one that you use in our store)
  • Name (The name attached to your card/paypal)
  • Your Address

I will need these credentials as I will be sifting through the sales to find those who opted for signed copies. I hope all of that makes sense and I hope you enjoy your signed copy!



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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Posted by nbtpcrynqk on March 12, 2021

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