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Quiet One - 'Intimate' Updates & Re-Purposing!

Hello everyone,

I have some really exciting news regarding the upcoming Quiet One release 'Intimate'. We have completed the filming portions of the project and the colour grading is now complete. I am only waiting for the digital authoring and copyright schedule to get passed back to me before we go live! For anyone who is unsure of what 'intimate' is;

'Intimate' is a digital download package available exclusively from Hurt Records that will contain;

  • An interview description of every song on the album, as well as an in-depth that about the creative processes that were undertaken to create 'Quiet One'. 
  • A live play-through of the album (-intermission/ending) performed in four different locations that were important to the album's production. Each song is played in a stripped fashion and I will be picking different songs from different events to present to you in the video.
  • A secret extra gift to you for being so supportive of all of my endeavours.

Now for the best bit! ALL PROFITS RECEIVED FROM THE SALES OF 'INTIMATE' WILL BE DONATED TO WARCHILD. That's right! I've been a long time supporter of Warchild and all of it's incredible achievements world wide. I'm also thrilled to know that Warchild will now be extending it's reach into Palestinian territories in aid of the hundreds of children whose live's have been ripped apart with the recent atrocities. So that's it, all the profits that we collect from 'Intimate' will be donated to Warchild. I would like to thank Catherine from Warchild UK for talking us through the process and I literally can't wait for you to watch/hear/support this project. (Oh and the 'secret extra gift' isn't a guitar pick... We've sent out 4,900 guitar picks now and I think that is quite enough...) (I wanted to keep 100 for myself to create a fancy necklace.)

Thanks for your time,

Have a fantastic portion of time on earth.



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