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The End of 2014!


It's not long until we draw a line under 2014 and if I'm completely honest, it couldn't come quick enough. In terms of professional luck, this simply hasn't been my year. That doesn't mean that there hasn't been anything to celebrate though. The release of Quiet One in the summer was by far the most important event of 2014, it not only allowed me to exorcise 12 songs from my mind, but it also introduced so much to Hurt Records. Before Quiet One, we didn't have a support service, we didn't have a physical office and production room (to create [and send] physical copies of releases) and we also didn't have access to the Abbey Road Mastering Suite on a 24/7 basis. Without Quiet One I'm almost certain that Hurt would have folded by now. I'm grateful to everyone who supported the project and can't thank you enough for recommending the album to your friends and loved ones.

Our first anniversary is coming up here at Hurt and we are looking forward to sharing a whole host of releases next year. We have so much already lined up that I have sleepless nights simply so excited to hear your thoughts on these new and exciting projects. 

It's also official that the old studio location is now no more than a rehearsal room. I'm currently working from another studio and you will be seeing more of that over the next few months. For now though, all of my pre-production for all 11 projects (not including bands) is taking place between the old studio and our satellite rehearsal/storage rooms in Brighton. It's actually really nice having space to just play with my instruments and pedals and not constantly worrying about hitting microphones or having equipment constantly breaking around me.

The new year brings so many new exciting ventures to Hurt Records. The earliest addition (chronologically) is the addition of a team of music video producers who will be creating some amazing content for you guys. I love the in-studio stuff but I come from a long existing line of music video sympathisers and so I look forward to seeing what they have in store for you! The new year also brings a brand new program to Hurt called 'conjoined'. I don't want to leak too much but it's allowing us to work utterly flawlessly with musicians across the globe and 'so far, so good!' The opportunity to work with advertisers in the UK is also set to be a really enlightening experience as not only does it allow us to penetrate markets that would currently be unobtainable, but it also isn't breaking the bank right now and with magazine slots, radio plugs, billboards and more, we are starting to get some real traffic.

I'm also really thankful that my work schedule is almost full all the way up to October 2015. The last week has given us time to plan a storm of events all in (hopefully) perfect timing! I imagine it almost like a ballet or a herd of synchronised swimmers! We are starting 2015 hard and fast with Diplomat and Portraits, moving on to Two Down with a HUGE release in the spring and then on to a new project thats a bit of a secret right now... ;) Then in July we are looking to Abbey Road for a week of recording a Quiet One EP (poʍu) that I've wanted to get out ALL YEAR. It may have seemed like i've held of releasing things at the final juncture of this year and to be honest, I have. I'm not at all superstitious but 2014 has been utterly shit in so many ways. From the flood, to the robbery, to huge issues with the Quiet One release... (which i'm hoping you never even noticed!) It's been a weird one and I just want to forget so much of it. I'm planning my attack on 2015 and I literally can't wait to let you in.

I've said it before but without you, this could not happen. I hope that when you think of Hurt, you think of something special because when I think of you, I see Hurt. We are in this together and it's a pleasure working with you! I also can't thank Richard (Hurt Web Manager) and Steve (My/Hurt Manager) for all of their hard work and I look forward to doing disgusting things with you both in 2015! (Nothing sexual...) 

Here is to 2015!

Be good.

                       - Ben

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