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Reworking Zombies.


I’d like to spend some time explaining some of the changes that are taking place to the original Zombies records. For those of you who didn’t know, I’m currently re-working (that’s probably the best term) the first record as well as the third record. But what does that mean? Well in it’s simplest form it means I’m taking songs that were recorded on a laptop with a single microphone, into the new studio which is slightly better equipped. I’ve always had a problem with the first album and even more problems with the third album… to me they are hard to listen to because I hear all of the issues that could not be solved at the time. I made the first record in the back-room of a shop I was working in between the times that I would otherwise be serving customers. It definitely wasn’t the ideal working environment. The third album was made in a slightly better environment but for a myriad of reasons ended up sounding so janky that I quite literally can’t listen to it. 

The reason that I’m re-working these albums is two-fold. I think the songs on the first record (and there are even some songs from the third album that will be salvaged in the reworking) are pretty good. The crime is that they are trapped inside the ugliest shell imaginable. I know from first hand experience what this feels like and it’s not really fair. Reworking them with my world as it is now is a great endeavour, the sound of the new rooms alone is fantastic. We haven’t been working on the older records long but they are already sounding fucking ridiculous. The second reason for my need to remake these records is that I know what happens soon and now more than ever my storyline needs to be told. To be honest It’s the first time I’ve enjoyed my connection with the company that started to peak my interest in a whole gamut of ideas. It is however very important to note that the elements of story entwined in the first and third albums has changed. The original I’s & M’s are still accurate and still work, however I now have access to information that I didn’t before and therefore I need to make these stories count. It’s far more than a vanity project for me and it’s far more than another story’s cousin. The original characters in the story elements are the same and are played by the same people. I’m really proud of the story that we have created (and are still creating every day) and can’t wait for talons to sink. 

Another element that will be afforded more time to explain in the future is the other personnel working on the project. I’m feel honoured every day when I get to work with some of the ultra-talented humans of earth. All four albums have such an incredible wealth of musicianship behind them that I don’t know where to start. From my brothers and sisters that I’ve been working with on various sides of the planet for many years to brand new musicians from some of my favourite bands/projects. I can’t wait to bring you their take on some of my work. Whats even more interesting to me is that the albums will no longer contain features; i.e. (feat. salvage) as these albums mean so much more to us all now. It feels like we’ve created our own little fucked up family for this project. Some features will be wholly obvious to you and some may take a little more working out. The mystery excites me.

One thing I’m really excited about is the album flow. The albums have all been tracked really similarly and therefore moving between albums or shuffling songs is now a breeze. With the original albums they were mastered to specific RMS readings so that each song’s average RMS would spit out a alphanumerically transposable code which read something very specific. This is still available to find as long as you are listening to an original version of the tracks. I’m very proud that coding like that worked out so swimmingly considering the events in the other storyline that runs in parallel. If you didn’t know then the album’s progression is still ZII - ZI - ZIII - ZIV.

So lets discus the details of this procedure… 


The first album is currently being remade and the songs and their structures will not change. The songs are fine and there is no real reason to change anything on that side. That said there are a few lyrical alterations which have changed; including some of the verse components in Cold Dead Crows and a few more in Dissection; which have been altered to fit with the next line. The album is being remade with the same guitar tuning and similar instrumental gear. The sonic difference is vast though and finally leaves me able to listen to these songs with some sort of pride. The album however does not feature the song ‘Game Over’ which was a bonus track on the original album. This is due to the fact that it would break the four album flow. Not because it is anyway incorrect. That is impossible.


It sounds strange to mention this record as it (at this time) remains unreleased however there have been some changes made. The most notable changes are that of some of the final tracks. There was a series of three tracks (12-13-14) that represented a very specific time in the storyline. These have been removed and replaced with something far more true to the original feel of what I set out to do. The tracks are no longer in a three track order either. They are placed at different times throughout the album. You will now where and this will make more sense in the near future. The original three tracks may be released in the future as they are still important. This album has taken an inordinate amount of time to release as there have been a list of issues that have hindered it’s release. Namely, floods, licensing, hardrives re-formatting themselves because they are cunts, etc. I’m so excited to finally release this album this year. I’m really proud of it and it’s probably the heaviest thing I’ll ever write.


The third album is currently being remade with the first. This fact alone is brilliant as the songs on the third album were so unhinged from the true idea behind Zombies that it was an extremely difficult listen for most of the people who follow the line closely. Of all of the albums this has the most changes. I’ve written a few new songs to now connect this album with the other three. I’ve also subtracted some of the songs that were never meant to be on the album. You have to remember that at the time of writing, this was going to be album number two. I had so many songs that never made the original cut and it was crushing to me. Some of the songs that did make it were a little bit vague and lacked conviction. This is no longer an issue. The biggest change however are the sonics. The album is already sounding huge and I’m only four songs deep. Unlike album one I consider the original version of three more like demos than real songs. It’s taken me a long time to admit that it could be better, but it can be and now is. The alternative version of the Divider is no longer featured on this album.


I can’t wait for you to hear four. It’s probably the most diverse of all of the albums however it still feels entrenched with the others sonically that it instantly makes it a really interesting listen. You have heard a single from four which was titled ‘Eyes on the King’. I chose to release this song first as I knew it would instantly make the listener feel like it was talking about something completely unlinked to it’s true condition. The whole album is themed differently because it is set in a completely different era that is totally at odds with the other albums. Whether it’s in the past or the future (and that’s for you to find out) it brings a freshness… especially when you are dealing with the same characters in the transient story tracks. I hope you are adequately confused.

These four albums mark the end of a story that I’ve been lying about for many years now. I could never end with the albums sounding like they do to date. I wanted to spend time in 2017 making them perfect for you. For a few reasons it will be the last time I sing about this. This brings me on to another point. To date we have had albums with titled similar to ‘inspired by…’ This is no longer the case. While I am still explaining that story, I am also trying to bring you so much more. To have it validated last year was incredible and is probably the reason I’m sitting here typing this now. Before I leave I just wanted to leave you with something; when you hear two for the first time please note that every song is coded uniquely however the code works with the record as a whole as well. This code unlocks a gate on a website. I’ll be waiting for you inside.

Be good.

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