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Tapes and Sounds...


I'm trying to find time at the end of each day to write a few words regarding recent events and important milestones. It's been an amazing three weeks, I finally have complete clarity and I have no-one holding me down. I'm not sure I could be more productive if I tried and so I'm trying to make the most if it.

I have four projects on the table as I write this, my Quiet One album, my Two Down album, my Diplomat verses and my Group 916 album. The best part about all of this is that I open the door to our new studios every day and I am confronted with completely different sonic algorithms, it's enchanting.

Today's puzzle has been trying to remix the album mix of Two Down's 'I'm Still Here' to make a single version. I've always liked the idea that single versions of songs sound a little different. It used to be he norm that they were mixed almost completely for 'loudness' purposes, but now they can be whatever you want really.

The Two Down album is a lot of fun to open up and mix. I'm striving to bring back some of the punkier elements of mixing and the main reasoning behind a punk mix is to make the song sound like it would if it were played onstage. For this reason, I like the idea that the vocals are fighting the wall of sound to compete to be heard. It's a common reasoning that most singers experience live and I wanted to bring that idea to the mix. It's Two Down so obviously aggression is the priority and to be honest, regardless of how it's mixed, the aggression will always shine through. The theme that I really wanted the song to embody is the theme of the whole album, entrapped souls. Another metaphor for the walls of sound surrounding Callum and I.

We have arranged through our manager Steven that one of our followers and friends will receive something next week of grave importance to The Two Lost Boys.

Should be fun.

Be good,

- Benn

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