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The Sounds of Movement...


It's been a week or so since my last blog post and I apologise for the delay. It's been an incredibly busy few weeks for me an my bands. It feels like i've not stopped working since I last wrote the blog post. Creativity has seemingly only come to me in its true essence over the past month or so, it's like a muted adrenaline, continuously coming from my mind and I am powerless to stop it from creating. I am now happy to announce that the Quiet One album now has a name (which you will learn at a later date), as well as some incredible and entrancing artwork created by one of the most talented artists of our time. The Quiet One album is now on it's last mix. I was fortunate enough to preview the album in full to both family, friends and colleagues and they were all asked to sit there with a pad and pen and they were told to write down any imperfections that they heard. I'm pleased to say that the mix notes were sparse and so I am now on my final mix of the album. 

The album will be mastered at Abbey Road using traditional techniques and no modern technology. The album itself was recorded directly to tape and is therefore sounds as raw as it could. When recording to tape you have to really master your talents because nothing can be fixed in editing or post production because it doesn't exist. The best example of this comes from the Quiet One (Acoustic on Tape) EP that was released in our first newsletter, this was recorded before I started to play live again and there is an obvious difference between those recordings and the more recent 'Lonely Soldier' (live) recording. Lonely Soldier was recorded weeks after the Acoustic on Tape EP and the take is literally perfect, it resulted in a song that was both fragile and hard hitting. 

The Quiet One album feels very similar even though the lyrical content is far more absorbing. I'm really excited for you to experience the album soon.

Be good,


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