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Two Down // The Two Lost Boys (Update 30/03/15)

It's me again. It's been a really busy month here in Two Down land. We've been placing the finishing touches on our upcoming record and I'm counting down the days until we unleash it. I've never been a part of something like this and the scope of what we are trying to achieve is almost palpable at this point. At this juncture we are left 'in limbo' as we have been told to live with our current versions of songs for a week to gauge whether we think they need anything else in our FINAL recording day in three days time. My choice is not to listen to them until the night before. I've listened and scrutinised these songs literally over 1000 times each and my decision is to let my mind have a rest period before the final recording day.

The last few weeks have also been filled with really unique and undeniably fun, stressful and elating experiences. The forefront for me was recording a quartet in Brighton. I'd spent months arranging these songs into score form to present to some seriously talented musicians in Brighton and so I was obviously nervous. We had really limited time on the soundstage and so the scores had to be perfect. Fortunately, my efforts didn't fall flat and we were able to capture some amazing sounding string sections which really bring certain parts of songs to life in a truly vivid way. 

We were also fortunate enough to meet out beloved Street Team at a secret location in London and we had a blast (I think they might have too...) recording some gang/crowd vocals for eight of our songs. Unfortunately one of the members of our street team has lungs the size of a suitcase so he is likely going to be heard over everyone else... the 'one man crowd' as he's know by his women. It was a surreal experience because Kro and I were fuelled on no sleep and a vocal tracking day the day before so we probably came across as more 'zombie' than usual but... if the shoe fits...steal it. We are really lucky to have such a nice bunch of folk helping with the social side of Two Down. It will prove it's weight in gold in the future, but for now, it's nice to just to relate to people outside of the album's walls. A good old fashioned bunch of gentlefolk.

More recently, we've received some vitally important news regarding the mixing, mastering and NEXT steps. We've always had a good idea of who/where we want to mix TTLB and so we are very lucky that the studio could clear a block-booking of three weeks to mix. We also knew that we wanted to use Abbey Road to master the record and so it should come as no surprise when you hear an amazingly mastered album. (hopefully) The 'NEXT' steps are unfortunately, covered by leaves as we aren't quite sure what our attack plan is for the record and for Two Down. We have some ideas as to record labels that we'd like to have meetings with but at this juncture we can't decide whether sticking with Hurt is the best idea for us. It worked extremely successfully for Quiet One but has failed for almost every other release. I have hope in Two Down and if we did move towards another label then we'd need to make sure they had the right ideas. Neither of us are new to contract law and neither of us are desperate for management. They would need to be vitally enthusiastic and present a coherent schedule of events for us to take genuine interest. This is our predicament. If it was me, signing me, I'd be scared...

Until next time, be good?



Posted by dack on February 28, 2023 2/28/23
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