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The end of the year...

The end of 2015 is just around the corner and so I thought I'd recap the last year here on Hurt Records before this year ends. It's been such a creative year for me here and luckily I've been really invested and interesting in every project that I was involved in. I thought I’d just talk a bit about some of the releases from this year…

The Upsidedown (EP) from Quiet One was released in 2015 and it was a slightly darker step for Quiet One in terms of lyrical content. One of the songs called 'Spider' came from the original Quiet One demo writing sessions and the rest were created newly for the EP. I ended up drafting in Tim Morris to help with some of the engineering side. There is nothing more annoying than getting into the mood of a Quiet One song only to have to break that moment to go and press record or setup mics. The engineering side of what I do is something that I'm falling out of love with. For this reason Tim's name is featured on a lot of my recent works. Tim did amazingly well helping to capture the meaning of Quiet One. We are already in talks about working on the next album together. I'm not sure how much publicity I did for The Upsidedown (EP) (something I'm also very bad at) but it had quite a few downloads and all of the money went to Warchild with the remaining 'intimate' donations.

The Two Lost Boys came next and was obviously the most important release of 2015 for us. The release marked almost eight years of hard work and the cumulative outcome was something that everyone involved is vitally proud of. It's vast, aggressive, big and most importantly raw. We went into the original The Two Lost Boys many years ago to many different outcomes but the beginning of this year marked the first time that it made sense to us. Some songs from the original made their way onto the record including Run to You and This Time Around. Steve Muncaster hit things on the record and it was our first time working with Steve. It absolutely won't be our last time working with him. He is a serious talent and a great human. I'm really proud of The Two Lost Boys and I'm probably even more proud of the fact that we finished it. For many years it was a millstone around my neck and that is no longer the case. The only thing I regret is that there is no music video for This Time Around. We had some amazing ideas but none came into fruition. The album see the commercial success as we had originally hoped but even with the album going out as it is, it allows us to keep working on more projects.

Just after The Two Lost Boys released I flew down to La Fabrique in the south of France to record some Quiet One songs. It was a chance to meet a producer/mixing engineer who I’ve been wanting to work with for a long while and it was a chance to get some new Quiet One material off of my chest. The studio was absolutely stunning, set in an old french mansion come farmhouse with a studio secretly embedded into it’s library. The place had a welcoming yet sombre mood which perfectly complimented what I was trying to do. When I travelled to France I had the intention of making the next Quiet One album a single concept but I have now changed my mind regarding this issue. I would rather not worry about creating that ideal and instead work on writing songs that truly mean something to me.

This leads me on to Portraits. It’s been a really exciting end to 2015 with days full of writing and recording for what is still a really new project for both John and I. We recently returned from Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire which is an amazing residential studio that’s centrepiece is a large converted chapel. We spent 12 days tracking drums and guitars in a really relaxed and creative environment. The first part of my stay was unfortunately hampered by the fact that I was vitally ill. (I still can’t quite shake it) but it left me unable to complete vocals while we were in attendance. So all that is left in terms of tracking are my vocals which shouldn’t take too long to complete. The project is really interesting and we are doing things that I’ve never heard before which excites us both greatly. We also shot a documentary while we were at the studio which will likely be available upon album release. The Kickstarter campaign was a huge part of the reason that the album is sounding SO good. John and I really appreciate your support and the money you helped to raise went towards paying for the studio hire. If you have donated then you will need to check the Portraits Facebook as there is a glimpse of the documentary on there right now. We are still aiming for March for an album launch so it’s ‘all systems go’ at the beginning of 2016.

There are some really interesting projects right around the corner now. I have a new project called ZeroRoyal which has a mini-album coming out in 2016 with a single coming out early 2016. Dea has begun. After Portraits concludes I will be perusing the songs I tracked in France and choosing some Quiet One songs to start working on for a second album. I’ll also be co-producing and mixing Callum’s new mini-album as well which just sounds amazing as it stands. We will also be dropping some brand new Two Down songs in 2016 as well.

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love writing music, I always have and the fact that it’s now my job is something that I still can’t believe. In my eyes the lines in Hurt Records are blurred and you are as much a part of this as I am. I have some more information on that last sentence coming very soon. So if you a part of the Hurt Records Street Team (amazing!) or just someone who stumbled across this blog…

Thank you.



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