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Introducing 'Country Bound VAT Rates' on our Digital Products

Hello there, From the 1st of January 2015, we are forced to charge VAT on digital items at our customer's countries rates, if our customer is located in the EU. As Hurt Records is located in the EU, we must charge VAT at our customer's rate and not our own. It is our responsibility to make sure that we comply fully with tax laws wherever we operate and although most of the work that we are undergoing will not necessarily be seen by you we are obliged to let you know that with every purchase we are required to note the following data from you; 1) Our customer's country when purchasing. 2) Our customer's IP address when purchasing to make sure the location..  … Read More

The End of 2014!

Hello! It's not long until we draw a line under 2014 and if I'm completely honest, it couldn't come quick enough. In terms of professional luck, this simply hasn't been my year. That doesn't mean that there hasn't been anything to celebrate though. The release of Quiet One in the summer was by far the most important event of 2014, it not only allowed me to exorcise 12 songs from my mind, but it also introduced so much to Hurt Records. Before Quiet One, we didn't have a support service, we didn't have a physical office and production room (to create..  … Read More

Hurt // Time Moves Forward!

Hello everyone, I thought I'd take some time out of my schedule today and let you know whats been happening here at Hurt and give you a slightly more in-depth look into the current projects we are undertaking. This may take a while... Get a drink... Hurt We've had some changes here at Hurt Records and it's come at a slightly awkward time. Just over a week ago we lost out customer care representative 'Chez' who has left us to study Mathematics at university. His remote office agency are still trying to find us a good fit and so for..  … Read More

Quiet One - 'Intimate' Updates & Re-Purposing!

Hello everyone, I have some really exciting news regarding the upcoming Quiet One release 'Intimate'. We have completed the filming portions of the project and the colour grading is now complete. I am only waiting for the digital authoring and copyright schedule to get passed back to me before we go live! For anyone who is unsure of what 'intimate' is; 'Intimate' is a digital download package available exclusively from Hurt Records that will contain; An interview description of every song on the album, as well as an in-depth that about the creative processes that were undertaken to create 'Quiet..  … Read More

Quiet One - 'Intimate' (Concept)

Hello, I wanted to spend a few minutes explaining the concept for today's live film session for Quiet One. It's a concept that I haven't seen done before and I've always wondered 'why?' Let me explain the idea I had a few months ago and then I'll explain where 'it's at' today. The concept is fairly simple, I want to play my album 'front-to-back' live, infront of you. It sounds easy, however there is one snag... You don't live here... So I was thinking to myself, what's the next best thing that I can provide to literally portray that level..  … Read More

Quiet One - Signed Copies...

Hello everyone,I'd just like to spend a few minutes explaining the process that you will need to undertake in order to land a 'signed copy' of the Quiet One album. An issue appeared to me today as I received the very first copy (mentally excited, almost fainted) because it came shrink wrapped in a plastic wrapping. Now I knew that the albums would be wrapped in plastic, however I originally thought they would be in a sort of plastic sleeve... they aren't... In order to 'get into' the album you need to cut through the plastic wrapping... This leads me..  … Read More

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